Clarify Team has just published the paper ‘‘Building Personalized Follow-Up Care Through AI by Bringing the Lung Cancer Patient, Data Scientist and Oncologist Together’’ in Journal Toracic Oncology, where they points to the importance of multidisciplinary approach in cancer care. The paper explains in detail the project scope and objectives. A total 2052 patients were included in the study. 251.730 documents from EHR were analyzed (240.851 notes and 10.879 reports) and images from patients have been included. A total of 124 patients wore the wearable device “Kronowise 3.0” and QoL questionnaires were also obtained from every patient. From every patient monitoring, more than 1.000.000 data records are being analyzed, and more than 130 indicators are obtained by using expert knowledge. As explain the authors, “these heterogeneous data sources are analyzed and in-tegrated into an interactive user interface.

This dashboard will allow clinicians to obtain immediate and personalized informa-tion of each patient and will elaborate models based on statistical relational learning and explainable AI techniques to predict patient-specific risk of developing complications and toxicities secondary to their cancer treatments. These models will help clinicians to make evidence-based treatment and post-treatment decisions in a way that it is not possible with any existing approach”.

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