Our partners. Kronohealth

Our partners. Kronohealth


Kronohealth S.L. was created in 2017 as a spin-off at the University of Murcia that focuses its activity on the analysis of circadian rhythms, whose importance is becoming increasingly recognized in clinical medicine. They offer a unique combination of services to improve sleep quality, and increase both personal and professional performance, through services aimed at evaluating and analyzing circadian health status, advising in health habits, and education.

Kronohealth offers a multi-channel wearable device, Kronowise®, which records the main variables that affect the sleep-wake rhythm. Data are exported to a platform in the cloud that analyzes them and offers an expert report with recommendations to follow day by day. Kronowise® records activity, distal skin temperature and both circadian and environmental light.

The development of wearable devices allows ambulatory methods to detect sleep disorders more objectively than those permitted by subjective scales evaluating sleep quality, while subjects maintain their usual lifestyle (an area of increasing interest). Kronowise ® has been validated through a polysomnographic pilot study with patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

Kronohealth participates in CLARIFY providing the Kronowise® devices to monitor the quality of life of cancer patients and analyzing  the data on circadian rhythms.


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