Our partners. HOLOS

Our partners. HOLOS


Founded in 1996, Holos was born in an academic environment, but soon became a proficient technology provider in Europe. Holos has its headquarters in Dubai’s Silicon Oasis and a representation in Angola.

Holos goal, since the beginning is to be recognized as an innovative company in providing integrated products and solutions aimed at increasing the operational efficiency of its customers. Although the company started as a services company, providing solutions tailored to the specific needs of each particular customer, it soon found that these projects were not easily replicable and, although some software components might be reused from time to time, most of the effort was put on the development of new components each time. In the past decade the focus has shifted towards the development of “business-to-business” (B2B) products, supplemented by services tailored around products.

Holos has received several awards and certifications with special notice to the “PME Leader” certification and two Seal of Excellence by the European Commission in regards to its proposal “SME4SME – Smart Multi-Platform Enterprise Risk Management For SMEs”. Additionally, in 2016 Holos co-founded EPL – European Project Leaders’ Network Society that aims to be an example of cooperation between SME, Universities, Research Centers and Flagship companies from all over Europe while promoting European technology onto other regions of the world.

Holos’ experience in dealing with multiple heterogeneous sources and huge volumes of information  gives the company a strong background to implement the integration of the different components and services delivered by the other project´s partners into the CLARIFY platform. 


Hospital Puerta del Hierro Majadahonda

Universidad Politécnica Madrid


German National Library and Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology


NUI Galway


London´s Global University

University College Dublin





Lung Cancer Research