The European project Clarify will evaluate the circadian state of a hundred patients with lung, breast and lymphoma cancer thanks to the use of the Kronohealth device and according to a reference population already available on the Kronowizard platform. There are currently 70 breast cancer patients, 45 lung cancer patients and 6 lymphoma patients that have been included in the study and wore the device for one week.

All this information collected by the device will be analysed in order to design the appropriate intervention for each type of patient, in order to improve their quality of life.

Individually, each patient will have its own report, advise, and recommendations. As a group, CLARIFY will characterize the population sample before and after the intervention (or in between if it is considered necessary).

Every patient will be evaluated at least two times. After the results analysis, an intervention designed by the medical doctors at HUPHM will be performed in these patients. After this period, the second monitoring will take place and the obtained data will be analysed. Analysis from the second monitoring stages -pre and post intervention- will be compared in order to see an improvement in the patient´s performance status.