The August issue of Cancers published the following article presenting some of the results of the Clarify project: An Artificial Intelligence-Based Tool for Data Analysis and Prognosis in Cancer Patients: Results from the Clarify Study’. The paper reveals that data-driven artificial intelligence is a feasible solution for cancer-specific survival estimation, risk stratification, and potentially the follow-up management of cancer patients. The CLARIFY AI-based solution tool for cancer patients is applicable to different pathologies (lung, breast, and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma) and uses data from multiple institutions throughout Spain.

This novel tool provides clinicians with real time data access and analysis, allowing patient profiling, cohort descriptive analysis based on selected parameters, or survival studies based on specific pathological and treatment features. These analyses may support clinicians to incorporate improvements in the daily clinical practice, since the platform can provide real-time feedback to health professionals and patients by assessing risk of relapse in a certain patient profile, perform a stratification of a selected patient or group of patients, and predict their behavior in terms of certain aspects of the disease that cannot be analyzed in any other way, such as response or not to a certain treatment or utility of follow-up tests.